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Fioricet used For?

What is Fioricet used for and were to Buy Butalbital Online

Fioricet is a combination of medicine that is used for treating tension headaches. It contains Acetaminophen and caffeine and Butalbital. So, Acetaminophen decreases pain caused due to headaches. Butalbital is used as a sedative that reduces anxiety leading to relaxation and sleepiness. Caffeine increases the impact of acetaminophen. You can Buy Butalbital Online from us.

Also, acetaminophen is used to reduce fever whereas Butalbital belongs to the group of barbiturates. Butalbital helps to relax muscle contractions in tension headaches. Moreover, caffeine relaxes contractions in the muscles in the blood vessels and also improves the flow of the blood. You can take this combination medicine via the mouth. It can be taken without or with food per the directions given by the doctor. It can be taken every four hours. Buy Fioricet Online.

Buy Butalbital Online for back pain

Acetaminophen and Butalbital combination can be used for other kinds of pain such as back pain. If you have back pain then doesn’t take Fioricet by yourself but take the consultation of your doctor. It can be taken as per the prescription of the doctor. Fioricet must be used strictly under the doctor’s guidance.

Fioricet doses

If you are suffering from tension headache then you can take various doses of Fioricet. It is the combination of Butalbital/ acetaminophen/ caffeine. So, we are discussing the doses accordingly.

Oral dosage form

  • 50mg/ 300-25 mg/ 40 mg- you can take either two capsules or tablets every 4 hours. Don’t exceed 6 capsules or tablets per day.
  • 50 mg/ 500 mg/ 40 mg- You can consume one capsule or tablet every four hours. You must not exceed six capsules or tablets per day.
  • 50 mg/750 mg/40 mg- You can take one capsule or tablet every 4 hours. Don’t take more than 5 capsules or tablets 15-30 ml in the solution form- It can be taken every four hours. But don’t take more than 180 ml of solution per day.
  • every day.

Liquid dosage form

Note- Don’t take more than 4 g per day of acetaminophen in any form of dosage.

Dose modifications

Hepatic impairment- There are no clinical studies but the dosing has to be reduced if required in case of severe hepatic impairment.

Renal impairment- As such there are no clinical studies but the Fioricet dose has to be reduced if required in case of severe hepatic impairment.

Dose considerations

The use of barbiturates enhances the risk of chronic headache and medicine induced hyperalgesia.

Missed dose

If you miss any dose, then don’t take the same medicine twice at the same time. You can skip the missed dose and take the scheduled dose on time.


The overdose signs are nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting, sweating, stomach pain, weakness, and confusion. You can also experience yellowing of the skin, dark urine, stomach pain, and whitening of eyes. The overdose signs are restlessness, insomnia, tremor, restlessness, diarrhea, shallow breathing, and fainting.

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